Training Leaders for the Local Church


This program is designed for people that have recognized their call in the local church and desire to invest a season of intense leadership development into their life.

Leaders in the church today face the challenge of engaging a culture that has written off religion and the local church. We still believe Jesus is the hope of the world, and we want to raise up a generation of leaders to take the Gospel to the world through the local church.


Upcoming Events

The School of Leadership is hosting “Pastoral Counseling and Crisis Workshop” on December 10th with special guest Dr. Derek Wall! 

Topics of the Pastoral Counseling and Crisis Workshop include:

  • Basic counseling skills and techniques of intervention (Overview of Mental Health issues and crisis situations)

  • Tools for working with Crisis Intervention, Grief Counseling, Conflict Resolution

  • Learning to: identify issues, express empathy, assist and lead hurting people to resources, when it is time to refer someone to a professional, difference between friend, pastor and professional help.

  • Christian Counseling and Confidentiality Pitfall

If you’d like to be a part of this event, you can sign up HERE!

What to Expect

Twin Rivers Leadership School offers a targeted education to equip and develop leaders who know their call is to ministry within the local church.

Our Programs

Our program is broken up into 3 unique options to best suite your needs as a leader. Keep reading to learn how you can get valuable ministry experiences and specialized training.

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About Twin Rivers 

Twin Rivers is a church is the St. Louis area with 2 campuses that exists to encourage all people to MOVE FORWARD in their relationship with Jesus.